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Event idea Colombia

Event idea Colombia

Urban Race

a) General characteristics:
Type of Activity: Similar to the Amazing Race T.V Show. Level: 3/5
Description: Participants are divided into 10 groups, will have to pass the 10 tests in the shortest
possible time (the tests are marked on a map*). The team will overcome all the tests first, "WINS".
Duration: 2 hours. Location: The walled city in Cartagena. Staff: 4 leaders + 15 support staff for the
operation. * Subject to change.

b) Every group will have the following positions:
- Captain: Head of the group and is the only one allowed interacting directly with race officials. -
Navigator: he will guide his group to map. - Chief of security: a charge of physical, emotional and
mental safety of all members. - Other members: develop test strategies and create.
After lunch continues with the Dance Class at the Casa de La Cerveza Restaurant, this evening ended with a dinner.