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Program ideas Colombia

Program ideas Colombia

Full Day Rosario Island

All day excursion by boat to the Archiprielago del Rosario, located approximately one hour from Cartagena.

The national park is ringed by coral reefs and clear blue waters. It is the habitat for a large variety of marine fauna. Free time for snorkeling and relaxation. Lunch during the excursion.

The Rosario and San Barnerdo National Park is located in the Caribbean Sea, about 45 km to the southeast of the Bay of Cartagena and about one hour away by boat. The average temperature is almost 25 C.

This is one of the 46 national parks in Colombia and it was created to protect one of the most important coral reefs bordering the Colombian Caribbean coastline. The park covers 120,000 hectares and comprises the underwater shelf and the coral reefs to the west of the island of Baru. This reef that shields the Nuestra Senora del Rosario archipelago as well as the islands of Tesoro, Rosario, Mucura and Maravilla.

The native Indians of this area are descendants of the Caribbean people that were the first inhabitants of the Rosario and Baru islands in Pre-Colombian times. Later during the colonial period, the islands were populated by black slaves, brought from Africa. They dedicated their time to fishing and the gathering of mollusks. Today, these islands are a delight to visit because of its exclusive nature.